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Where's your
money going?

Amal's an AI bot that helps you answer this question (and many more!) about your money.
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Hey Amal, what's my balance?
Hey Ahmed, let's see:
ENBD: AED 3,429
Mashreq: AED 1,910
..for a total of AED 5,339
where'd it all go this month?
AED 4,450: 🏠 Rent
AED 1,240: πŸ› Shopping
AED 1,089: 🍽 Eating out
AED 489: πŸš— Transport
AED 183: πŸ“± Phone

You can't improve what you can't measure

Amal tells you exactly where every AED is going.

The best part? There’s no manual tracking at all.

Automated Tracking

Forget manual data entry! Amal automatically tracks your spending directly from your accounts

Smart Categorization

Amal will separate your spend history into various buckets so you can understand exactly where your money goes.

Finally, everything in one place.

It’s like having just one account, no matter how many banks you use!

Amal works out of the box with major banks across the UAE.

Works with major UAE banks

Amal works out of the box with the vast majority of banks in the UAE, through the eGateway platform.

Always in sync

Amal automatically keeps track of your accounts. No Excel sheets, or manual statement uploads necessary!

and she keeps you on your toes…

sup Amal?
Know anything about a AED 157 bill from McDonalds last night?
lol, maybe
Enjoying the #dubai life, huh?

Safe & Secure

We built Amal with your interests in mind.

That's why:

Bank protection

Your details are protected with bank grade 256 bit encryption

Your data is safe

Your data is never shared with third parties.

Users love us!

We’re highly rated by our users on Trustpilot

DIFC Licensed

We're incorporated locally, in Dubai.

Strictly read-only

We use read-only access to your accounts

Security pledge NEW

We back these claims with an AED250,000 security pledge

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Recent updates

Our Blog
Dec 3 2019

πŸ’¬ WhatsApp support live!

We're excited to announce that our WhatsApp integration is currently live and available now to all users of Amal!

No app to install, nothing to download — just message Amal directly on the same app you use to chat with all your friends.

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Nov 28 2019

Amal AI joins the DIFC!

Amal has started rapidly spreading across the UAE, and we're excited to announce our move to the DIFC as part of our commitment to the UAE.

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Oct 10 2019

Announcing a AED250,000 security pledge!

We take security very seriously, but unlike most apps out there: we're putting our money where our mouth is. We just launched a AED250,000 security pledge!

If an Amal user suffers financial loss as a result of using our service, we'll cover that claim — to the tune of 250,000 Dhs.

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